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June 27, 2014
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“What’s that crap on my roof?” is a question that 80% or more of the eastern seaboard ask themselves when they pull into their driveways. The limestone filler used to hold your shingles together can turn into a nasty green growth that, when left unchecked, will gradually destroy your shingles. This can leave your roof vulnerable to water damage and other structural issues, many of which are extremely costly to repair.

The good news is that we can take care of this without having to destroy or completely redo your roof’s shingles. Our Non-Pressure Cleanout System eliminates that growth without the dangerous power of a Weight Washer. CAUTION: Never let anyone on your roof with an actual weight washer. This can cause much more damage than any fungus on your roof. Our equipment and procedures are all supported by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association, and with some routine maintenance, we promise to keep your roof as clean as the day you installed it.

For any real estate agents or anyone else trying to sell your home, we can save you thousands of dollars. Just think about it: you’re a prospective buyer, and the first thing that catches your eye is this green, filthy roof. Suddenly, you’re worried about being out five to ten thousand dollars installing a new roof. There’s no way you’re making a full-price offer with that much to take on in repairs. So get your roof cleaned now. Your house will stand out, and for all the right reasons. Save your potential buyers some headaches of their own, and get the best possible value offer you can for your house.

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