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January 21, 2016
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We recently completed a few commercial power washing projects in the area.  Many of the commercial buildings in the area are stucco and it is very important not to use high pressure on stucco of the surface will almost certainly be damaged and the only fix is resurfacing the stucco as paint alone wont even fix the problem completely.  We also have done several metal buildings recently in much the same manner which is again important to avoid damaging the painted metal.

We always recommend using our low pressure method on painted surfaces when the only problem is mold and mildew.  Some pressure washing companies will resort to using high pressure on commercial buildings which is not only bad for the structure but is also very unsafe for the contractor up on a ladder or a lift.  The lift will rock front to back each time the trigger on the pressure washing gun is squeezed and this is dangerous and can end up with the bucket lift smashing into the building.

Don’t let it happen to you!  Contact Pressure Washing Pearland for all your commercial pressure washing needs!

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