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Texas is famous for everything from wines to beef and steak. The City of Manvel, better known as the Real Town or The City on the Rise is located in the northern part of the Texas State in Brazoria County. The city is predominantly white, but there are other ethnic backgrounds African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American among others. Here are some highlights that you should know when you decide to live in the city of Manvel Texas.

Over sixty percent of the population is made up of families with the average family of at least three members. The per capita income for the city is about 25,000 dollars with only about 3 percent of the population living below the poverty line. Over sixty percent of the population works in the area and the rest in the cities of Houston and Alvin, which are a commuting distance.

There is a mix of low-income housing plans, condominiums and upscale apartments spread across the location. The downtown city has several low and middle-income housing units for young families and students that live in the location. For homebuyers, there are always housing units that are coming up across the town which one can purchase.

Several public and private schools serve the population. Most of the schools are located in Alvin Independent School District. Most of these are elementary, junior and high schools. As for colleges and universities, there is a choice of such institutions like Rice University, Texas Southern University, Baylor College of Medicine, and Houston Community College among others. Alvin Community College is also nearby. The area also has a Public Library for study and research work.

Transport throughout the area is facilitated by public bus service and private transport means. The roads are paved and well-maintained. The county authority also operates Manvel substation in the areas. Letters and parcels can be sent using one of the many courier services in the location including USPS in Manvel Post Office and others across the town. Many of the residents that work as far as Houston commute daily.

As for the family entertainment, there are several entertainment joints across the city offering local, Latino and Asian cuisines and music. Manvel is known for great local liquor, burnt ribs, and steak along with the Mexican tortillas. The climate is good for hiking and camping. Residents can enjoy several parks along the Masters Road, Rivers Road, and Club House Drive among others. The City on the Rise is a great place to live, study and enjoy holidays with the family.

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