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July 5, 2016
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July 15, 2016
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Soft-washing is an alternative home cleaning procedure to pressure washing technique. Unlike the latter, soft-washing uses a soft water jet. The method is good especially for delicate roofing and other parts of the house that may be damaged by pressure. However, for it to be effective, you must do it right. Here are some easy tips for effective house soft washing.

Always ensure that you and your property are safe before the washing begins. It eliminates the risk of electrocution, slip, and fall accidents. Turn off all the external power outlets during the process. Wear closed shoes, an overall, and goggles to protect your eyes. Moreover, close the windows and the doors before washing the outside walls to avoid damaging items inside.

To take care of the soft cleaning and rinsing, you should use a more potent detergent. The detergent may damage wooden joints and glass. As for the flowers and plants that could be growing around the house, water them with lots of water before, during, and after cleaning. Wet plants will absorb less of the washing chemicals. Watering also prevents the chemicals from sticking and causing more damage to the leaves.

Always start by soaping the whole house. If you are using the pressure washer, use the black nozzle to apply detergent to the house. Apply from the bottom upwards. Rinsing is done from the top downwards. Ensure that you use the washer according to the manufacturer instructions that comes with the manual. Put the clear pickup tube in the bucket that has soap solution. For higher areas, use either the stainless nozzle or brass one.

Ensure that you rinse the house before the detergent dries up. When rinsing, put the pickup tube in the bucket of clean water. Use the green nozzle for rinsing or the yellow nozzle to rinse the high areas. Rinse the walls a second time. Do the same to the plants growing around.

Read the local authority regulations on the disposal of the washing water. Some authorities treat the water as blackwater and require it to be collected and disposed of as such. Others allow it to run through the gray water drainage systems. If you would like to clean more than one storey house or the roof, consider using a professional cleaner. Cleaning high heights is quite risky and may lead to injury or death. A professional cleaner has the tools and the competence to clean such areas with low risks. It is also less expensive to use them than buying all the items for your own use.

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