An Overview Of The City Of Manvel Texas

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The city of Manvel is located in the Brazoria County of Texas. The city of Manvel Texas has a population of five thousand one hundred and seventy nine when the census was conducted in 2010.

Manvel is located in the northern part of the Brazoria County. The area of Iowa Colony lies to the west, Pearland lies to the north and Alvin is located seven miles to the east. The Texas State Highway 6 passes through the community and it links to the Texas State Highway 288, which is a four lane freeway. This freeway runs through the northwest part of Manvel and leads northwards to Houston, which is twenty miles away and it also leads southwards to Angleton which is twenty three miles away.

The weather in Manvel tends to be rather warm and humid and it is a lot warmer than the northern part of Texas. The winter months in this area starts about the middle of November and lasts until late March when things start to get a bit warmer. The warmest month during the summer tends to be June and it can reach into the 90s. It does not rain a lot in this area and the wetter months tend to be during the winter.

Research has found that there is not a lot of crime in this area and the worst crime that is recorded is minor traffic offences. It is fair to say that Manvel is a very safe little town and the police do a good job at keeping things in order.

The town is a mixture of old and new housing. The best parts of the town are home to the new housing and these are located close to the highway 288 and Manvel High School is near here. There is some very nice houses in this area and these houses seem to have very nice gardens and a lot of outdoor space. The newer houses are home to upper middle class people and a high proportion of these are Caucasian families. The poorest part of the town is the trailer parks and these are located on the side of highway 6, which is also known as Twin Oaks.

There is a lot of people who would say that this area is on the rise as it enables people to stay in a small town whilst still being close to the larger areas such as Pearland and Houston. This area is perfect for people who enjoy the countryside without being too remote.

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