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June 20, 2016
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June 30, 2016
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Dirt from various surfaces in your home can be eliminated in various ways. For a long period of time, the pressure washing technique had dominated the market. This is due to its early invention and popularity among many people. The standard practice involved spraying a steam of water directed to the dirty surface to clean it. However, technological advancements have resulted to the development of new methods and equipment leading to house soft washing.

To begin with, soft washing defines the process of applying cleansing agent at a relatively low pressure. Various chemicals are used for this procedure. This could include bleaching agents such as sodium hypochlorite, surfactants and foaming agents. A combination of these substances applied in low pressure ensures adequate cleaning and clears any dirt in your home surfaces.

The use of this method of washing is associated with many benefits. First and foremost, it reduces the chances of damaging your property. As indicated earlier, this method involves the use of low pressure which unlike the pressure washers, have low likelihood of causing damage. In fact, the pressure used should be weak enough that you can place your hand in front of the nozzle without feeling any pain.

Secondly, it allows the cleaning of your entire home from the ground level. However low the pressure used is, employing the services of a good qualified contractor who puts to use the correct equipment can clean surfaces up to 50 feet above. With this, the whole procedure can be done in quickly in addition to reducing the chances of damages associated with use of ladders.

A high quality and adequately cleaned surface is the other benefit that comes with the use of this method of cleaning. This is made possible by the nature of chemicals in combination with equipment or tools being used. The cleaning agents used for this procedure are made from eligible companies and have been proven to have a better end result.

The procedure is also cheap and of a low cost. Just to mention, the expenses you will incur is mainly due to labor and purchase of the chemicals. Minimal labor is required for this process thus cutting on the cost. In addition, the time taken to complete the procedure is less thus reduces the amount if money contracting firms of companies would have charged you for the process.

Finally, it requires less water to perform the washing task. Unlike the initial pressure cleaning which relied on water for cleaning, this method is not solely dependent on water. Due to the involvement of chemicals, very little water is used mainly for mixing with the chemicals and rinsing afterwards.

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