A Guide To Commercial Pressure Washing/Power Washing

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When a building is dirty, one of the most effective cleaning methods that can be used is pressure washing. This cleaning method can get rid of most kinds of dirt including the greasy film caused by air pollution, grass clippings, mud, algae and mildew. Commercial pressure washing/power washing machines also effectively remove blistered or flaking paint.

Many pressure washers have a set of nozzles, which produce various spray angles. The different angles control the strength of the stream of water. The zero degree nozzles focus a very powerful jet of water at a narrow area. In order to avoid damaging the siding of a property, you should not use the zero degree nozzle. The 15 degree nozzle is ideal for cleaning most surfaces. For a light wash like getting rid of sanding dust, you can use the 25 degree nozzle. The 45 degree nozzle on the other hand is much of an improvement over the conventional garden hose.

When using such a washer, position matters. When making your way around a building, you should begin cleaning from the top to the bottom. Wash from the clean areas to the dirtier ones. Instead of shooting water up at the building, you should work from a ladder and wash downward. This way, you will avid forcing water under the siding.

Pressure cleaning is the best method to use when it comes to remove embedded dirt because it cleanses surfaces using detergents, power and heat. With these properties working together, it is easier to clean any surface fast. Power washers break the bond between a surface and the dirt, be it dust, grit, mud, grease or ink. These cleaners are effective because they work on both the molecular and physical level.

When using power washers, you have to abide by certain rules. One of them is changing the hose regularly because the combination of heat, force and chemicals can cause it to wear and tear. Ideally, you should purchase a durable hose. In order to know which kind of hose to use, you can check the manual that comes with the washer.

It is also important to choose chemical solutions wisely. Make sure that you only use the detergents have been approved for use with these devices. Unapproved detergents can be harmful to the environment and the people around your property.

If used improperly, commercial power washers can be dangerous. The pressure at the nozzle of this washer can cause injury if a person gets in the way of the stream. These washers can also dislodge objects from surfaces and propel them away at a high speed. For this reason, property owners should hire experts to wash their buildings.

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