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September 20, 2016
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If you have a business premise, some commercial real estate properties, or other offices under your care, it is important to keep them looking clean both on the outside and on the inside. The inside is easy to clean daily, but the outside presents a challenge. Commercial pressure washing/power washing can provide a better way of removing dirt in hard to reach areas as well as caked in dirt.

You have an option of hiring a professional cleaner or doing it with home power cleaner. It is recommended that you use a commercial pressure washing company if the building is huge in terms of size, the roof is also to be cleaned and the building is more than a single storey. The risks that you may face by hiring casual laborers are by far more than what you would pay a professional cleaner.

Prepare the occupants of the building about the impending cleaning process. Give them a notice in advance and tell them what to do. For example, they should remove items that are around the walls such as glowing plants and banners. Each of them should also switch off any external power system to deal with the risk of electrocution. The windows should be closed so that the water does not enter the room.

Invite professional cleaners to survey the building prior to quoting. Quoting before the survey often results to wrong pricing and may lead to poor work especially if the company had under quoted. If you have delicate windows, make that be known to prospective cleaners. High-pressure water jets may crack the windows and dislodge their joints. Evaluate the quotes in term of the price and the quality of work promised.

Be sure of the source of the water and electricity for the activity. It is okay for the company to use your water and resources if you have a way of billing them. They may come with a submitter and pay for their consumption. Otherwise, they can come with the generators and sources of power. Moreover, get to know how the water will be disposed. For a large complex, you may need to get a permit to do the cleanup. However, for medium sized buildings, proper water collection is what matters.

You can do commercial power washing as often as the buildings get dirty. Over time, you may also need to do a coat of paint to have them look new again. Frequent washing makes subsequent cleaning easier and fast.

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