Life In The City Of Pearland Texas

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Texas is one of the best places to live in America. The city of Pearland Texas is one of the best neighborhood to live in. Located at the intersection of Brazoria, Fort Bend and Harris counties, the city has been one of the fastest growing cities in Texas in the last decade. Below are some highlights of living in this area.

The average per capita income is around 36,000 dollars, which surpasses that national average of 28,000 dollars. The unemployment rates are thirty percent lower than the national average while the poverty levels are over sixty percent lower than the national average. The retail services sector employs the highest number of residents followed by the education sector.

Despite the cost of housing being about 5 percent higher than the national average, the cost of living is actually lower. Texas enjoys low income tax and lots of tax benefits for its residents. The price of groceries and other food supplies is low considering that the area is surrounded by agricultural zones. The cost of healthcare is also below the national average with several health centers around including Pearland Medical Center, St. Luke Emergency Center, and Texas Children Pediatrics.

There are about seventeen public schools in the area. About ninety percent of people in this area have completed high school. The normal teacher to student ratio is 15:1 with the average test scores around ninety-six percent. The city also boasts of a few public libraries to serve the population. Students go to university of Houston, a satellite campus within the city. There is also San Jacinto College and Alvin Community College in this city.

The city of Pearland is safer than fifty-six percent of cities in United States with the crime rate at around twenty-eight percent lower than the national average. Less than six climes happen for every hundred thousand people. The number of violent crimes is much lower than this. The local authorities have also put in place mechanisms to curb fire accidents with twenty percent less fire accidents experienced than the national average.

You can enjoy a variety of Texas cuisines that include steaks, crawfish, and beef. There are also lots of Mexican and Asian delicacies. The city has several parks and recreation centers including the Centennial Park, Pearland Parks, and Recreation Community Center, and Independence Park among many others. The weather is generally warm throughout the year with hot summers and mild winters. It is a good place to live and visit.

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