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Warmer weather has passed in PearlandLet’s face it – this summer was pretty brutal!  The heat is enough to make you think you are going crazy by 9 am and the humidity will make you think it is an absolute must to being multiple shirts everywhere you go!  So what does the heat in Pearland, TX have to do with pressure washing?  Well – the heat and humidity help the mold and mildew grow.  The main time of year when the mold and mildew are most active is going to be in the warmer months…especially if they are warm and wet!

This means that if you have put off power washing until now it is a great time to get it done because you have unknowingly bought yourself a few extra months before the mold and mildew will likely come back.  Now there are a countless number of factors that contribute to when the ugly stuff will come back but warm weather and moist air are two of the most influential.

Now that the weather has cooled down is will slow the spread of the green mold and grayish mildew that has probably developed on your house, concrete and patio.  The moisture looks like it is poised to continue and rest assure that the mold and mildew are not going to go away on their own so you need to get it taken care of by the professionals at Pressure Washing Pearland soon before it causes permanent structural damage and you end up having to replace wood and repaint!

Probably next in line in determining how often you will need to wash your house is simply the paint.  If the painters used a mildew resistant paint you may literally never have to have your house washed….you’ll just get tired of the color and paint it before it even gets dirty!  If your paint is not mildew resistant you are probably looking anywhere from 12 months to 36 months between cleaning depending on numerous factors.  Either way we can get your home looking great and keep it looking great!

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