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Various types of building materials such as siding, stucco and brick all have one major thing in common: as time goes by, they will start to accumulate mold, algae and mildew - which will turn them grayish, greenish or even the dreaded black! This happens most often on the walls that face North as they get the least amount of sunlight. Not only are these stains unsightly, but they can spread and cause damage to paint and even rot the wood. If left alone for long periods of time, this type of damage can affect the structural integrity of your home and lead to very costly repairs.

Pressure washing a house may seem simple enough and it may seem like just about anyone could do it. DON'T TRUST YOUR LARGEST INVESTMENT TO INEXPERIENCED "HANDY MAN"! Make sure you have your house professionally cleaned by the pros at Pressure Washing Pearland so you get the best results with no damage to your home..

Homeowners in Pearland and Manvel should understand that washing a house without professional experience can be dangerous. Many people believe that climbing a ladder to use a power washer seems like a good idea, but it unfortunately it can and in injury or damaged your property or landscaping. Falls from ladders are among the most common accidents leading to emergency room visits. Our experienced power washers almost never use unsteady ladders to reach even the third story heights. They understand and use the best methods to use to safely and effectively make your home look like new again.

Many of our clients believe that the only solution to their problems was a complete repainting of their home. Once we assure them that we can bring back the original color and cleanliness of their siding, brick and stucco, they understand that our approach to exterior cleaning is the best and most affordable solution. Not only is it less expensive and time consuming than painting the entire house, but it can extend the life of your painted surfaces by completely killing the mold, algae and mildew that painting would only cover up - potentially speeding up the damage. Don't waste your money on a new paint job when a professional soft wash would get the results you are looking for at a fraction of the cost!


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