Is Hot Water Needed For Pressure Washing?

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September 28, 2015
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Pearland chewing gum removal

Pearland chewing gum removalThe simple answer is – almost never.  There are a lot of power washing companies that would use their “hot water” as leverage to try to sell potential customers on their service but the truth is that is doesn’t really help in 99% of cases we come across.

There is one major exception and that is chewing gum removal.  Cold water just does not cut it when it comes to removing chewing gum from concrete.  I am certain that at some point you have entered into a store and noticed all the gum near the entrance.  Of course your first thought was “who still chews gum” followed almost immediately by “and then spits it out on the concrete outside of H-E-B?

Luckily you “thought to yourself” because otherwise it would be called talking to yourself or you have some sort of telepathy and you can think to other people….which would be awesome!  Much more awesome than talking to yourself which is generally frowned upon in Pearland….and everywhere else.

Anyways – some will want to convince you that hot water does a better job of cleaning but the vast majority of what we run into in the area is mold and mildew.  Sure there is dirt and dust but most of what you see on houses, buildings and concrete is actually mold and mildew because the humidity nears 100% most of the year around here.

So that being said let me ask you this – when you clean the mold and mildew off of your grout in your bathroom or off of your boat after the winter do you use 250 degree heat?  But you mean it still goes away with a little bleach?  So let’s pretend you did use 250 degree heat on your boat or your poor shower walls…think you could cause some damage?  You betcha or you bet ya or whatever….

Back to gum.  Gum is pretty nasty stuff and is designed not to break down…otherwise it would just be called candy and it would be easy to power wash parking lots in Pearland.  Some will try 5000 psi or the ever feared red tip or some other mechanism to remove the gum and end up really messing up the concrete PERMANENTLY!  So you see what we have hear….heat is not only unnecessary most all of the time but can actually harm your property.  BUT, when it is necessary not using it can harm your property.

IN CONCLUSION – make sure you hire a power washing company that knows what they are doing before you end up with damaged property or the ugly and lingering effects of a nasty and annoying habit.

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